Alec Baldwin expects to play Donald Trump on SNL for the foreseeable future

Alec Baldwin at the 9th Annual Critics Choice Awards, Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA 01-10-04

Source: © Deposit Photos

When Alec Baldwin agreed to appear as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, he likely thought that the gig was only temporary, to be ended when Hillary Clinton crushed the mercurial real-estate tycoon and reality TV star-turned politician in November. However, much to the surprise of almost everyone, Trump won the election. It looks as if Baldwin has a gig for which some might think he is typecast for as long as he likes.

Of course, the gig will not happen every week, as Forbes notes. Each appearance on SNL comes with a $1,400 payday, a lot for most people, but not for someone like Baldwin, who has a wealthy lifestyle to support and has become accustomed to raking in millions of dollars every year. So Baldwin has lined up a series of movie deals and will only appear on SNL occasionally.

Still, the transformation of the egomaniacal actor into the egomaniacal president of the United States takes seven minutes, according to the New York Times. The orange fright wig is enough to make Baldwin into a buffoonish version of the soon-to-be president, a man the actor reviles and believes to be dangerous. He believes that he is doing a public service taking Trump down.

The only thing that gives Baldwin pause is a note he got soon after the election thanking him for “humanizing” Trump, something that was far from his mind. On the other hand, Trump regularly tweets his displeasure at the way Baldwin depicts him, something Baldwin views with satisfaction.

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