Dinosaur Hunt in Talampaya Canyon

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Documental movies about dinosaurs always display dry desert-like nature, tall rocks and burning sun. It turns out that such scenes still exist in Argentina. Talampaya Canyon is one of the best thematic canyons in the world.

You can spend a whole week camping and wandering in the canyon. Another option would be staying at in the nearest town. Whichever you choose, there will be need for early reservations, especially for the most crowded season – winter and spring.

The canyon is famous for the dinosaur fossils found in this territory. Scientists claim that Talampaya National Park used to be an area densely populated with dinosaurs and primitive humans. Their traces can be seen even today in the dorms of bone remnants or rock paintings.

Wild Fauna

The canyon is filled with wild fauna. You can spot a few animals walking right next you. Of course, if that’s your first experience of seeing wilderness so close, resist the urge to shout and cry. As member of the human team, you should follow a few rules for the sake of the canyon and success of your own tour.

First, don’t bother bringing extra food along. The guides will not let you to feed the animals. They work hard to keep the environment wild, and even a few bites can make the animal dependent on human-processed food.

Second, don’t be noisy. If you walk around speaking loudly, the majority of the animals would simply hide from you. The more unnoticed you are, the more you can see.

Finally, no matter how excited you are, don’t go too close to the animals. Even the most innocent- looking creatures can be dangerous when they sense a threat.

Camping Nights

If you have come so far, you’d better stay for the night. The sky is usually so clear you can count every single star. The moon is alluring, sometimes so big, it looks like a giant marshmallow hung over your bonfire. The unusual rock formations, which are illuminated by the bonfire, are the main points of interest. They look like paper flat walls designed to form corridors.

The basic amenities are provided. There is a toilet, a shower, and a restaurant, which opens late at night. The number of camping sites is limited, so large traveling groups should check for availability before visiting. The weather is a bit tricky here. It can get hot and cold in a matter of hours. Nights are almost always cold. The worst seasons for a visit are summer, when the rainfalls occur, and winter, when camping is not recommended. Dry weather canyon comes nowhere near paradise, but constant rainfall can be a hell, if you’re not dressed appropriately. Whenever you plan the visit, take a few coats and an umbrella, just in case.

Talampaya National Park is a gateway to the ancient world, where humans did not rule the planet, but most probably lived in caves in fear of the huge reptiles. This could be the place where life has begun. Then, let it also be the spot, where the journey of your imagination starts and expands.

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