Movie Review: Inside Out (Disney)

Source: Iconosquare

This is a “Major Emotion Picture” for every family’s fun time!  The animated panels of personas in the Pixar characters’ brains are “helping” each one manage outward interactions with their family members and friends. Peek into the hilarious  internal dynamics and interplay before these cutest of characters openly express what they are thinking. Latest reviews say best of all Pixar films ever!

“Get ready to sync up with the tiny voices inside your head!” Riley is an eleven-year-old girl faced with big time feelings surrounding her move from the Midwest to San Francisco with her parents. Mom seems to be very intuitive but wants to rely on “clueless dad” for parenting approaches to help Riley with her emotions. Riley’s “inner brain panel” consists of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust, all very entertaining and colorful characters. The comedy is fast-paced and entertaining on various levels to capture the interest and imaginations of all ages.

Train of thought arrives just in time fully loaded with extra day dreams, but complications happen after the first day at a new school when Joy and Sadness get sucked up into “Long-term Memory”, will they find their way back to HQ? Parents can relate when Riley is left with just Anger, Fear, and Disgust trying to run headquarters. Then what in the world happens when Riley’s ice cream shake creates brain freeze?

Some concepts are just amazing, like how Riley’s core memories are linked to major personality traits, like Hockey Island, and the adorable Goofball Island. There is a point to why fear isn’t just about being afraid all the time, fear also has a part in keeping us safe. In fact, our emotions are all about taking care of us! Kids will get many of the concepts, but there is comedic depth in this Pixar – Disney production that keeps the adult in us plugged in to the back stories as well. Big thumbs up!

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