Ecuador on a Horseback

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Once you arrive in the capital city of Ecuador, Quitto, you get this intense desire to get rid of all phones and electronic devices, walk out of the airport and finally enjoy your Latin adventure. There is a very equally special place in an hour drive from the capital city. Alegria Farm is a specialty hotel, entertainment center, and a must for eco-travelers.

This family-run household was built in 1911. The house was renovated, though the initial Italian style has been preserved. The guests of this farm escape the city noise and stay in the company of mountains, forests, and horses for days.

The host family speaks English and will gladly help you in case of problems. Those with picky food choices can contact the family beforehand and request a special menu. The chef serves both local and international cuisine. On the contrary, you should not expect a big variety of dishes. There will be special meals for vegetarians or people allergic to specific foods, but there is no morning buffet.

This farm-resort can house up to 25 people in 10 originally designed rooms. All amenities of a regular hotel are provided.  Make sure to bring warm cloths, because the nature is mountainous, which means a few winds and breezes during the day.

Meet the Horses

Riding on a horseback is the main activity here. There is a menu offering offered horseback packages.

You can choose between cloud forest or volcano rides, one- or multiple-day tours, etc. Some tours are suitable only for beginners, others demand professional riding skills. The length of the tour also varies. Some of them can take up to 2 weeks in the wild.

The flexibility of the tours is one of the advantages of the farm. You can even combine horseback riding and mountain climbing. The family will find the maps, guides (if necessary), and the right gear. However, you are asked to bring the minimal requirements like a sunblock, flashlight, and so on.

The farm is home for a dozen of horses of various breeds, sizes, and characters. Even if you have never seen a horse in reality, your first attempt to become a rider will most probably end in success. The hosts will give you the initial training. They are generous with tips and instructors, but you will have to learn the rest in practice.

If you are a traveling group of two or more, you can propose your own preferences, and the hosts will set up a customized tour. There is also the option of joining the team of all guests staying at the farm and meet new people.

This farm attracts people who prefer peaceful settings, natural environment, and just a small portion of adrenaline. If there are any eco-friendly activities, like cow milking, that you have never tried before, here is a good chance to test your skills. Be gentle to the animals and they will display a friendly attitude as well. Alegria Farm is a great way to learn about the countryside of Ecuador, the culture of locals, and see the wonderful scenery from the horseback. Don’t hesitate, make the reservations!

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