Gothic Lady of Spanish Burgos

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Gothic Lady of Spanish Burgos

Cathedral of Burgos, also known as Santa Maria de Burgos, is the centerpiece of Northern Spain. The town of Burgos has managed to reflect the typical Spanish lifestyle and culture in their towns.  The architecture of this beautiful cathedral is just another example of how much the Spaniards value good design.

The construction of the building has begun in the 13th century and, taking into account the numerous modifications and additions, ended in the 16th century. The architects and the building plans were replaced one after another, making the cathedral a mixture of minds and approaches. In other words, Burgos received the best of everything. Moreover, some of the architects were not even from the Spanish school of art.

Today, Cathedral of Burgos is a well preserved sample of Gothic style. The initiators of the construction project were Spanish King Ferdinand III and Bishop Mauricio. The complex includes various chapels, cloisters, and a treasury. You can get a ticket to visit all three of them or pick one.


Unfortunately, the areas for worship and prayer are closed for tourists. Otherwise, the flashes of curious cameras would make it impossible for the locals to pray in seclusion. Another difference between the locals and the tourist is the admission fee. Are you in for a prayer? Welcome! Are you in for just watching? Only 4€, please. If you are a student, grab your student ID and get a ticket discount. While this place is among the top places to visit in Burgos, it’s hardly ever crowded.

There are many similarities in Gothic architecture between Northern regions of Spain and France.  However, the Spanish version has a unique kind of splendor. Western façade of the structure is especially exquisite.

Photography Challenges

If you have traveled to the other parts of Spain, you would know that this nation is extremely talented in constructing such humongous buildings that just won’t fit into the camera frame. Find the furthest spot in the square and try to take the scene from there. You can also walk up the neighboring streets and capture the cathedral from a distance.

Walk around it a few times to capture the most noteworthy details. At first sight, it seems that the masters practiced a high level of embroidery rather than architecture. The carvings are highly delicate. By the way, the Cathedral was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

If you have a free hour, find a bench facing the magnificent exterior of the building. But then, the interior is twice as interesting. Plan to spend here at least 2 hours.

The Cathedral has affected to the town panorama, too. It dominates the view from all corners. Its presence injects a medieval spirit into the streets. They make you forget about the century of technology and the watch ticking on your wrist.

Cathedral of Burgos is simply tremendous. The memories will bring you back here at some point in the future. It is worth extending your trip to Spain just for a chance to include this typical Spanish town in your schedule.

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