‘House’ creator developing ‘The Good Doctor’ about a surgeon with savant syndrome

Source: Deadline

David Shore, who is most famous for creating the long-running medical drama “House,” about a misanthrope, genius physician played by Hugh Laurie, is developing a new hospital show entitled “The Good Doctor.” The new series will star Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy, a brilliant surgeon with savant syndrome. People who suffer from the condition demonstrate brilliance in one area, such as art, music, or in the case of Murphy, medicine, at the expense of a severe mental deficit. In the case of Murphy that condition happens to be autism.

“The Good Doctor,” according to Deadline, will be in the South Korean format and is being co-developed by Shore with “Hawaii Five-0” co-star Daniel Dae Kim. ABC has ordered a pilot with an option to go to series.

The series is set at the pediatric surgical unit at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Hill Harper plays Dr. Horace Andrews, the chief of surgery at the hospital. Irene Keng, who appeared in “Grey’s Anatomy,” will star as Dr. Elle McClean, a hospital resident. Deadline also reports that Chuku Modu will play Dr. Jared Unger, another resident. The pilot will be directed by Seth Gordon.

In “House” Shore explored how a brilliant doctor named Gregory House dealt with his personal demons while dealing with patients and his colleagues and diagnosing some of the most intractable diseases imaginable. Dr, Murphy, since surgeons perform operations as part of a team, will have even greater challenges.

If “The Good Doctor” is picked up as a series, it may be broadcast as early as the upcoming fall season.

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