Is Nick Cannon Really Quitting America’s Got Talent?

Source: MTV

Nick Cannon recently took part in a Showtime comedy special. The comedian, radio host, and television host said some things that allegedly did not sit well with NBC. He made jokes about the television show he hosts, America’s Got Talent, as well as making jokes about the network. Some of the jokes were racial in nature, and it is believed that those jokes did not correlate well with the wholesome nature of the America’s Got Talent.

Due to the jokes made on the show, Nick Cannon is alleged to have had a meeting with shoe executives and network honchos. Rumors have it there were discussions about firing Mr. Cannon or requiring him to apologize for his stand up routine. Nick left and then went public, saying he was quitting the show. He did not feel that he did anything wrong and felt his right to free speech was being violated. This may leave you wondering if Nick will really quit or if he just wants to deter from his bad behavior and quit before he is possibly fired.

At this time, America’s Got Talent does have Nick Cannon under contract. However, it has been stated that they will not hold him to the contract if he wants to leave. They have no plans on firing him and would allow him back. Nick Cannon contends that he is done with with the show.

Nick is a busy guy. He has twins with Mariah Carey and is expecting another child with an ex-girlfriend soon. On top of that, he hosts a radio show and takes part in various hosting gigs around the country. He has also had a recent hospitalization due to lupus. Lupus can’t be cured, so he may have been advised to take it easier. While it’s hard to say exactly how this will play out, it does appear that Nick Cannon really is leaving America’s Got Talent, unless something drastically changes soon.

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