Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Source: Huffington Post

This movie presents a clash of titans. Batman going head to head with superman. …for the most part. And the rivalry is complicated. At least, the previews made it seem as if one of these famed heroes really “goes bad.”

We’ll according to each other’s view point, the opposite IS a criminal.

As it turns out, Batman got a little dirty in his fighting. He now brands villains with a heated “bat mark” that has the media in a frenzy. And. …of course, who works for the media other than Clark Kent? Exactly.

Superman is dressed in his usual for work as the press discuss the Bat guy.

But Bruce is just as threatened by Superman.

Here’s why. If you remember “The Man of Steel,”–one of Superman’s classic films–he fought the great General Zod in the city of Metropolis. That fight apparently killed thousands of people and destroys a lot.

As “Dawn of Justice” shows it, Bruce Wayne was in town during the onslaught.

He saw the victims, the crumbling building and more importantly, he saw people he knew and loved dying all around. Nothing could be done. And here is how the feud develops into a movie where the two battle it out.

But something more important gets in the way of these to and their egos.

When you think of it, neither has a legitimate reason for destroying the other. Superman couldn’t help General Zod picking a fight in Metropolis. It was thousands to die or everyone.

Batman’s style isn’t Superman’s, but the Bat is locking up criminals.

So what ends the squandering? You guessed it. A bad monster.

You see, as these guys are doing their thing, the infamous Lex Luther has been pretty busy. He’s hell bent on conquering the entire world.

His “plan A” to get kryptonite to Clark failed.

So he infuses it into General Zod’s remains and resurrects a monster that both must defeat before the end comes for all. …

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