Movie Review: MAX

Source: Iconosquare

This is Max’s story, it is no typical sweet doggie flick. This is an intense story about how a precision trained, military combat dog suffered from PTSD after traumatically losing his handler, US Marine Kyle Wincott, and then found his way back. This Marine dog is adopted by his handler’s family after Kyle is mortally wounded on the battle front. Dog’s can experience PTSD like people do, and he was unable to continue his service in the Marine Corps. Max was sent back to the USA after experiencing battle trauma in Afghanistan.

Max’s only hope is if he is able to reconnect, perhaps find a bridge, through Kyle Wincott’s younger brother, Justin. The adventure becomes intense when the younger brother, Justin, searches for his missing dad, and seeks answers to what happened to Kyle on the front Iine. Max is along for the search and the pair learn some things about each other. Max has the instincts of an animal with the heart of a hero. Dogs and Marines develop deeper bonds than people do when working together on military missions. Search dogs find explosives, weapons, and sense danger which saves many lives. As Max begins to recover from his loss and PTSD, he helps the family of his own military partner heal as well. Max ends up helping Justin find the truth about what happened to his brother in Afghanistan.

Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures have scheduled the release of this family action adventure for June 26, 2015. This film will disclose the dynamics of true loyalty, deep sense of duty, and overcoming the pain and shock of severe loss to find another powerful connection with someone who needs a companion. Follow the path of these two unlikely friends and find renewal of hope with a memorable story.

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