Movie Review: Mr. Right

Source: Nerdopotamus

If you’re going to the movies this weekend, you may want to consider “Mr. Right.” So if you’re skeptical of strange the comedic plot, we can at least say it casted right people in the right parts. Anna Kendrick plays Martha–a sweet woman who just can’t seem to escape the repeated occurrence of, not only meeting, but dating the wrong guy. Martha’s sweet, comedic personality is apparently for someone who deserves the “right guy,” but the movie doesn’t quite pan out this way when she runs into Francis who is played by comedian, Sam Rockwell.

This movie is moved forward by Martha who wants to seriously fall in love as the plot unfolds in this comedy. After dumping her current boyfriend, who’s caught with a woman while Martha is literarily already home, she runs into Francis. And there’s chemistry. But there’s also a problem. Francis, “Mr. Right,” is a serial killer, a hired gun and an assassin with a weird fetish this girl can’t necessarily bring to bed.

He’s not only hired to kill, but he kills the people who hire him to kill people. The plot fits the two actors, and their  performance on scene was memorable for the comedic stage we see these two in. Each scene builds up in laughter as the pair try to forget their lives. Martha. …Francis’ career. But she doesn’t find out because he told her. People are after him. We’re not going to spoil what happens entirely, but Martha must make a choice about her beau who, up to this point, has been making all the right moves. Critics gave the movie pretty low scores, though, in expectation that no one would see it, but we recommend a try. It’s quick with humor that moves forward on the track of a true love story anyone with a good sense of humor could admire.

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