Nasty Bangkok: Exploring Thai Cuisine

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Thailand has developed a stereotype of a 5-star hotel destination, which leaves the rest of Thai peculiarities, mainly the once considered more than strange in Western culture, remain in the shade. It is time to cover the cheapest, the most common, and the nastiest part of Thai cuisine.

Bangkok, the capital city of the country, is the number one area to give that cuisine a try. The main reason for that is a big number of hospitals they can take you to, in case something goes wrong.

First of all, you need to get rid of your phobia list. Remember, scorpions, crickets, red ants, snakes or bats are not that scary, at least, when they are well cooked. Let’s go over a short list of nastiest food choices in Bangkok, before you faint.

From the Backyard to Your Plate

Picture the cook waking up in the morning, going out for a morning walk, and coming back with a huge basket full of grasshoppers, water beetles, silk worms, crickets, and whatever else was breathing in the field. Poor creatures are then deep fried and sold with an extra dose of soy sauce.

This kind of food is common among locals, who are used to the taste and don’t mind a cheap dish served on a leaf of banana tree. Travelers, on the contrary, come across a mild shock. The outcomes are quite controversial. Some start jumping up and down in fear, others ask for a second plate. It really depends on your preferences and the ability to keep your eyes closed while eating.

Tarantula Attack

Instead of screaming “Spiders, help!” you need to say “Spiders, yum!” At least, that’s what the situation suggests near an average street booth that sells weird Thai dishes. Eight-legged and pretty hairy spiders, called Tarantula (sounds like Dracula, doesn’t it?) are deep fried and sold in the city areas that are less popular among tourists. While the spider dish is even more popular in Cambodia, Thai people prefer to leave it as a Plan B; hairy food can be in fashion depending on how hungry you are.

Scorpions Up

While you can get a pack of crickets or spiders and eat them during sightseeing in Bangkok, scorpions demand full attention and a restaurant setting. They are usually boiled in a soup or served with noodles. Whatever the form, they always look black and dangerous. In comparison with other Thai snacks, scorpions are not available all year round. So, if you find a vendor selling it, consider yourself lucky and get in the queue.

In addition to that, grab a snake wine -an exquisite cocktail of alcohol and snakes – make a toast to the unique taste of the Thai people.

Before catching a once-in-a-lifetime chance to eat any of these dishes, make sure to ask about the nearest toilet beforehand. Also, buy only a small portion of the dish. If you still want to eat it after the first bite, you can always ask for a refill. Don’t hurry, give it a second thought, and ask yourself: “Do you have the guts to swallow them till the end?”

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