Page Six Coming to a TV Near You

Source: Publi Spain

Long time readers of the New York Post are likely familiar with Page Six and all the juicy celebrity and socialite details it hands out every week. Soon the ever popular gossip column will have a whole slew of new fans in the form of television viewers. Thanks to the Fox network, we will all get at least a three week preview of Page Six TV this summer!

Airing Monday through Friday, you will watch a panel of experts from all sorts of areas dissect just exactly what is going on in the world of every celebrity from the A-list all the way to the D-list. Each panelist is working to out scoop the others by delivering the best story of the night and winning that episode’s “headline”. We can all expect to see the editorial staff from the Page Six column in select episodes, but the core cast of the show is yet to be determined.

While this show may sound somewhat familiar in premise and remind you of another gossip mill… TMZ… You will get a different kind of watching experience with this new one. TMZ might be a fan favorite that seems hard to compete with, especially on the same network, but it focuses primarily on Los Angeles and the day to day occurrences there. Page Six TV is being designed as a great counterpart to the LA based TMZ because it will instead focus on New York City as its source for material. Also, there will be an element of competition with Page Six TV. We may all have to tune in every day just to see who takes the prize for the day!

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