Rogue One Movie Review


Source: engadget

Rogue One is going to be one of those Star Wars chapters that people either really like for its creativity or really hate because of the way the story turns out. The viewer starts with seeing the main character, Jyn Erso, as a little girl being traumatized by the Empire’s kidnapping over her father and death of her mother. Fast forward a few years late, Jyn has escaped only to become a bit of a criminal element and spending a lot of time either being chased by authorities or in prison. This then sets the stage for her redemption by the powers of the Rebellion fighting against the now seriously problematic growing dominance of the Empire and its creation of the Death Star.

The storyline is set before the 1979 episode of the original Star Wars and after the time period of the later three chapters showing Anakin’s life from a slave child on Tatooine to becoming Darth Vader. By this point, the Empire has wiped out almost all of the Jedi Knights, chased the survivors into hiding, and has grown drunk with its ability to control or kill people. And now, with the Death Star on the verge of becoming operational, the Rebellion may be completely lost. However, the new weapon has a flaw, thanks to Jyn’s father who is the scientist that created the machine. And that flaw, if it can be obtained, can destroy the Death Star completely.

Between chases, escapes, hand combat and laser fights, Jyn’s character become the lucky or unlucky ambassador that finds the Death Star’s secret and gets it to the Rebels. She is the spy who sacrifices all to save the Rebellion and hope. Some of script may be cheesy, but the storyline is classic Star Wars. And that makes it a great movie to see during the holidays.

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