Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks team up again for Pentagon Papers film ‘The Post’

Source: Den The Geek

The great film director Steven Spielberg and the beloved actor Tom Hanks have collaborated on some of the best films of the past few decades, from “Saving Private Ryan” to “Bridge of Spies.” Now Spielberg will direct, and Hanks will star in “The Post,” a movie about the Pentagon Papers scandal, according to Deadline. Hanks will play Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post, and Meryl Streep will appear as the paper’s publisher. Katherine Graham.

The Pentagon Papers were excerpts of a study conducted in the 1960s on behalf of the Defense Department on America’s involvement in Southeast Asia from 1945 through 1967. Rand Corporation analyst Daniel Ellsberg purloined the classified documents and leaked them first to the New York Times and then the Washington Post in 1971. The Pentagon Papers demonstrated that President Lyndon Johnson lied to both the public and Congress about the conduct of the Vietnam War.

The Nixon administration attempted to suppress the publication of the documents, citing national security concerns. The media countered that the attempt to stop the printing of the Pentagon Papers constituted a violation of the first amendment protection of freedom of the press. The Supreme Court found against the Nixon White House by a six to three margin.

Ellsberg, who subsequently became a radical activist, could be seen as an earlier version of Edward Snowden. The Pentagon Papers affair was only the first clash between the Washington Post and the Nixon administration. The movie could be seen as a prequel to “All the President’s Men,” about the better-known scandal known as Watergate. Jason Robards played Bradlee in the previous movie.

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