Teen Mom 2: New season, new drama!

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Can you believe we’ve been watching teen moms Chelsea, Leah, Kailyn and Jenelle for almost seven years already? Season seven of Teen Mom 2 kicked off on Monday, March 21—and we got reacquainted with all of the moms… and their drama.

Read on to find out what’s happened with the moms lately and what we can expect from this all-new, action-packed upcoming season.

Teen Mom 2 recap

In the past few episodes of Teen Mom 2, we’ve seen no shortage of drama.

Chelsea’s boyfriend Cole has moved in with her and her daughter Aubree. But she’s still dealing with all of the drama that comes along with her ex-boyfriend Adam. Now that he has a steady job and a house, Adam wants more time with Aubree.

We recently saw Leah lose primary custody of her twin daughters to her ex-husband Corey—but Leah’s on a mission to prove that she is in fact a good mom and that the custody agreement should be changed again.

Kailyn has just learned that her husband Javi might get deployed. Plus, the drama with her ex-boyfriend Jo is heating up, since Jo doesn’t want to increase his child support payments for their son Isaac.

And finally, there’s Jenelle. She seems to have a new man in her life as each new season kicks off, and this season is no different. Her new boyfriend David wants to help Jenelle gain full custody of her son Jace, who currently lives with her mom Barbara most of the time.

What’s on the horizon for some of our favorite teen moms?

In this upcoming season, we’ll watch Chelsea get engaged to Cole and start planning her perfect wedding day. We’ll see Leah fight for more custody of her twin girls and also work with Jeremy, her second ex-husband, on custody agreements for their daughter Addie. Sadly, we’ll see Kailyn suffer a devastating miscarriage. And finally, Jenelle will move in with David, but what does Barbara have to say about that?

Tune in to Teen Mom 2 to find out all of this and more! Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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