Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan

Source: Youtube

Another rendition of Tarzan hits the theaters.

But this time, we find a civilized man. One who’s adapted to the life of an aristocrat and fits in society. There’s a pleasant life Jane and Tarzan now live as wealthy English-folk. But this pleasantry doesn’t come without the world knowing Tarzan as the man once raised by apes.

Which makes the coming events fitting for anyone with a deep urge for the jungle. Life in London is polite and cordial. But a suggestion through mutual acquaintances invites the idea of Tarzan revisiting Congo. And surely, being the British lady she is, Jane insists on joining the adventure.

Yet the subplots reveal more.

A depiction of the real-life George Washington Williams is played by Samuel Jackson. He’s a key figure is writing about the corruption in Africa. Tarzan is nudged further into revisiting Congo with a few simple words. The journalist, Williams helps the protagonist uncover secrets about the developments of slavery in Congo.

And what follows becomes a wild goose chase.

Tension between Tarzan and Leon Rom escalates as Jane is kidnapped. Leon is a merchant in the jungles of Congo and lives solely to turn a profit. That adventure of reflection Tarzan began soon becomes a hunt to find Jane. A woman captive on a river and traveling via steam boat. As the King of Belgium moves to enslave half of Congo, this hunt continues.

With the help of Tarzan reuniting with his roots, he’s able to track down his wife. It results from the help of his clan of apes, and after a final showdown. Which doesn’t surprise us. This movie is filled with action and violence throughout.

Which is exactly how it ends.

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