The Skinny on This Is Us Star, Chrissy Metz

Source: Yahoo

Chrissy Metz is becoming a household name for her role as Kate Pearson on the hit show, This is Us. She plays Kate, an overweight woman who struggles with weight loss, size discrimination, and serious emotional issues due to her size. It doesn’t help matters that her twin brother on the show doesn’t have weight problems. She actually received a nomination for best supporting actress in a series or TV movie this year. But it hasn’t always been Red Carpets and awards buzz for this new to the fame scene celebrity.

As a matter of fact Chrissy is used to being financially strapped most of the time. When she was offered the This is Us part, she only had a few cents to her name and a drawer full of bills to pay, lived with multiple roomies and worried about where her next job would be. But she was used to that. Her Homestead, Florida childhood had its shares of financial woes. Her parents were divorced since she was eight years old and her mother had three mouths to feed without any help. Chrissy remembers worrying about the electricity being turned off and nights when her mom wouldn’t eat so the kids could. She thinks this may be why she is overweight…”food equals love in my family,” she said.

Metz fondly remembers her first role as Ima Wiggles on American Horror Story in 2014. It was a great “big”  gig but after it ended it was difficult to find work. But patience paid off because now her role on This is Us is helping overweight women cope with their weight issues, just like her character on the show. People will tell her that Kate has changed their lives. Chrissy is grateful for this role of a lifetime and hopes that one of her personal struggles, now pubic for all to view will keep her grateful.

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