Top 5 Weirdest Museums in Amsterdam

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Weird is the synonym of the weekends in Amsterdam. You can hardly persuade an excited weekend tourist to visit Van Gogh museum and stay serious. However, there is a nice list of museums where laughing is not only allowed, but is also encouraged.

Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum

Let’s admit that these three words are what come to mind when talking about Amsterdam, and there are reasons for it. The most innocent reason is Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum. This institution exhibits everything related to cannabis. You start with the scientific tour dedicated to the positive impact of cannabis in medicine, stare at a few paintings of cannabis fields, and then it is time for the most shocking part. The museum has a Dutch Bible made of hemp. It dates back to 1836. And, yes, there are some healthy bushes of cannabis growing inside the museum. You can’t touch or pick them though.

Sex or Erotic Museums

With the most famous Red Light District in the world next to its name, Amsterdam is famous for another controversial theme – sex. First, there is the Sex Museum has a very mild and sensitive collection. Don’t expect any vulgar, crazy, and shocking content. The museum contains exhibits about sex positions, traditions from different cultures, pornography, some good amount of multimedia and sound effects, however, everything is presented in a … let’s put it this way … in a more scientific tone. The aim of the visit should be to learn, not to be entertained or turned on. If you are looking for entertainment and shock, head to the Erotic Museum. Numerous bizarre and somewhat funny exhibitions greet its visitors. The museum is located in the Red Light District, naturally.

Tattoo Museum

When you’re out in a crazy city, you’ll want to get crazy yourself, too. Tattoos are usually what such travelers end up with after traveling to Amsterdam. Well, if you need to brainstorm about tattoo ideas, go to the professionals.  The Tattoo Museum has a neatly structured geographical catalog of tattoos. You can choose based on the variety of subcultures as well. You don’t want to go home with a tattoo typical for sex workers or criminals, don’t you?

Torture Museum

If you can’t stand real pain and tattoo needles, there is an alternative for torture entertainment. It’s pain-free, and it’s called Amsterdam Torture Museum. Hanging Cages, Skull Crackers, Heretic Forks, and many other ruthless instruments designed by humans to use on other humans. Some of them might look like failed inventions, but don’t be fooled with the ugly design. Those tools were indeed used for interrogations. A big number of instruments are original, others are reconstructed based on books. Some of them are available to touch and study up close, but never to use.

Biblical Museum

Finally, when you’re done with the wild feasts and have gathered a good load of sins, the Biblical Museum is exactly what you need. No one will measure your soul there, but you will have a chance to see a huge collection of beautiful printed Bibles, read a passage or two, maybe even remember what happened last night. The exhibition includes the oldest Bible printed in the Netherlands. Take a good read and guess, if you’re still welcome in heaven or a second trip to Amsterdam is necessary.

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