Top Three Infinity Pools in Singapore

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Top Three Infinity Pools in Singapore

Singapore is home for the craziest ideas in the world. No matter how unreal the idea seems, it can come into life nowhere else but in Singapore. A pool hung up in the air? Sure, no problem, Singapore infinity pools are more than real. The magical city-state of Singapore welcomes those who demand a terrific hotel and insane architecture.

Besides the financial factor, there is another criterion for choosing the right hotel – the pool. Here are the top three amazing infinity pools in Singapore that will make your jaw drop. Go ahead, pick and choose, they will make sure to hit your pocket badly, but that is not nothing compared to their beauty.

Marina Bay Sands, Skypark Infinity Hotel

Marina Bay Sands hotel features the most popular infinity pool in the whole world. This unthinkable creation is located on a platform, which is held by 57-story towers just like the mythical titan Atlas used to hold the Earth on his shoulders. This 500-foot long (150 meters) river-like pool is on the edge of the city. It offers a breathtaking panorama to the nearest skyscrapers and the busy streets down below. You can bend over like a real god and watch the Singapore energy boiling.

The views are much better at nights, when the city lights are turned on. This pool has already become the symbol of Singapore. It looks like an enormous flat boat, which has landed on three towers. In fact, exclusive access to the pool is granted only to the hotel guests. No outsiders allowed!

PARKROYAL Hotel Wilderness

There is only one thing cooler than a rooftop infinity pool that looks like a river. It’s a rooftop garden and an infinity pool. PARKROYAL Hotel has constructed a few stories of a sky garden walk and an infinity pool in between them. I believe if the hanging gardens of Babylon still existed, they would look exactly like the ones at PARKHOTEL.

The view to a sky garden is what makes this pool unique. Whether you look up or down, there will always be a piece of the nature hanging somewhere. Considering the lack of green are around the hotel building, sky gardens are a genius solution. Consider it a 3D vacation, where the rainforest is above, the sky is in front of you, and the water can actually fly.

While watching the city, remember that the city can watch you back. So, keep the modest level of cleavage, just in case.

Naumi Hotel Pool

The infinity pool at Naumi Hotel is the lighter version of the one at Marina Bay Sands. However, it seems to be more private. You can have a snack by the pool, sunbathe or simple turn your mind off for complete relaxation. Only hotel guests have access to it.

The con list includes starts with the size; you will hardly have a chance to open your wings wide and swim. Instead, you can float on the edge of the pool and watch the city. Again, night views are more preferred.

A tough choice, isn’t it? There are three infinity pools to kill for, and you have to choose only one of them. Have a nice time thinking over and over and over ….

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