Underworld: Blood Wars

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The Lycan/vampire series Underworld began in 2003 and continues with its newest installation Underworld: Blood Wars (released on January 6th, 2017). Kate Beckinsale continues her leading role as Selene whom battles her advisories with extremely skillful fighting capabilities. The Lycan clan has always been an enemy and the vampire faction ended up betraying her falling from ally status to foe.

The Underworld series overall has maintained a consistent story plot and missing one part of it will have viewers confused. One major element that is noticeable within the Blood Wars installment is how much farther in-depth the story goes. Essentially Selene’s blood is the main prize of the entire movie. With Selene’s blood, the Lycans and Vampires believe that their strength will become unstoppable.

The entire cast could not have been planned any better. Theo James plays as David (a Vampire hybrid), the ally and protégé of Selene that helps out as much as he can. Tobias Mezies plays the role od Marius, the Lycan leader and the person you will notice as the biggest antagonist within the movie. Lara Pulver plays Semira whom is another Vampire and a slight antagonist throughout the movie.

While it may seem like Vampire movies are slowly fading away, Underworld will never go out of style. In Blood Wars, the cinematic style, graphics, and overall aesthetics continues to improve without going completely overboard.

The movie is 1 hour and 31 minutes long. You can expect a R rated experience, which is mostly due to the fights. The movie is a mix between an adventurous story that does not move too fast and fighting that will keep you guessing who will actually win. Keeping its cool tones and dark atmosphere, anyone whom has loved the previous installations within the movie, will love Blood Wars.

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