Walking Dead – No More Baseball Bats, Please!

Source: Digital Spy

After the end of the last season it’s a given that there’s going to be a war between the core survivors in the Walking Dead and Negan’s thug empire. Negan has done everything to prove and re-prove he is the worst of the worst. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of the comic book bad guy has most people thinking now that this is what happens to a psychologist after the apocalypse occurs. They don’t die; they get really, really scary.

So yes, people are going to die again, and the zombie horde is going to get more recruits. The real question going into the next season is who gets eliminated from this alt-future “Survivor’s Island,” and where will the leftovers be living after the war is over? The creators of the TV show have made it clear that while they follow the Walking Dead comic book for inspiration, they are not bound to the details verbatim. While they did follow through with Glenn’s horrible innocent death at the beginning of last season, the show producers have killed off plenty more who were supposed to be alive or do something else.

Part of the storyline laid out in the last season was the existence of a secret woman’s colony that was in hiding from Negan’s group after all their male partners had been killed a punishment. Knowing the twists of the show are common, that may play a big factor in the coming fight. Then there is the question of Austin Amelio’s character, Dwight, playing “go-fer” to Negan while Negan uses Dwight’s wife as a playtoy. That’s the kind of thing that creates stab-in-the-back betrayal for bad guys and could be the climax twist the heroes need to defeat Negan.

Lots of people are going to die in Season 8; the plot is really about who lives to fight zombies another day.

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