Where Goes Shameless, We All Go

Source: Knit York City

Diehard fans of the irreverant cable TV show, Shameless, can breathe a sigh of relief. After some heady negotiations, Emmy Rossum, the eldest Fiona Gallagher character in the show who has been through it all and now wants to get on with her life finally will stay on with the story and next season. At the end of season 7 the Galleghers’ biological mother had passed away suddenly but left the kids a questionable inheritance of crystal meth worth a couple hundred thousand dollars street value. Frank Gallegher, the kids’ useless father, was keen on selling it and seeing everyone get a piece of the spoils (not to mention a cut for him likely), but Fiona (Rossum) wanted none of it. Lip has multiple voices telling him to go back to school, Debbie is fighting the world as a new mother, Carl is in military school and loves it, and Ian just committed a felony helping old boyfriend Mickey get to the border as an escaped convict.

The new season is likely to throw Fiona a curveball of bad luck again as she never seems to get above the fray and be successful (or she becomes a real estate tycoon with a big accidental deal), Lip goes back to school because it’s his calling in physics, Carl becomes a cop and then makes a big mistake or gets killed, Ian gets killed or falls in love again, and Debbie gets married finally with a father for her child. These story arcs are all probable but what really is the question is whose life will Frank mess up this time? A real wildcard is that Frank will get into cahoots with Svetlana who now owns Veronica and Kevin’s bar, but Svetlana is too damn smart for that. More than likely, Svetlana dies, Frank goes to jail with Ian, Lip graduates, Carl becomes a cop, and Fiona meets her old boyfriend again from the beginning of the show. What a mess!

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